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Docurama is available on a wide range of devices including connected TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and more. Now available on:


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We think the best stories are the ones you just can’t make up.

Docurama is a one-of-a kind streaming service dedicated to bringing you acclaimed, cutting-edge documentary films, on demand, on any device. Our hand-picked collection of movies offers an eclectic selection of academy-award winners & nominees, festival favorites and non-fiction TV shows, keeping you entertained whatever your mood. And with dozens of titles added each week, you’ll always find something new and compelling to watch.

Acclaimed filmmakers

Watch films from renowned doc directors including Kirby Dick, Josh Fox, Julien Temple, Liz Garbus, Joe Berlinger, and more.

Festival Faves & Award Winners

Explore our collection of award winning films, along with a diverse collection of film festival selections from Sundance, Toronto, Hot Docs, SxSW, and beyond.

New movies & shows weekly

We program great new movies for your enjoyment each week. Beyond that, we curate new collections and retrospectives on a wide array of topics each month.


Docurama is a free streaming service featuring award-winning documentary films and TV shows.

We’re widely available across a wide range of connected TVs, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and portable devices. Click here for the latest list of supported devices.

We’re constantly adding new devices, but if you don’t see your favorite device currently supported, let us know.

Much like broadcast TV, we subsidize providing free films & shows through advertising. Unlike TV, we limit the number of ads you see substantially to provide a better viewing experience. Currently, we are running less than a third of the ads you would see on cable TV. We're working to tailor the ad experience to your interests in an effort to make the advertising you see on Docurama more relevant and useful to you. Docurama offers what no other streaming content service on the market today does: over 300 documentaries (with two new titles each week) from Academy Award nominees to every type of documentary you fancy – sports, food, war, poverty, biographies, health, and history, to name a few.

We are continually working to tailor the ad experience to your interests in an effort to make the advertising you see on Docurama more relevant and useful to you.

Currently, the service is only available in the U.S. We hope to expand internationally, and in particular to English speaking countries, in the near future.

Sometimes, the timeframe we have to offer movies expires and we have to remove the film from the service. We try to program films and series that can remain live for at least a year.

We love programming recommendations, and encourage you to submit your request through our feedback form.

We’d love to hear from you. For less urgent questions, use the form button below. Complete the form, provide a brief description of your request and a team member will follow up shortly. For more urgent problems, please dial 911.

Delivering video over the Internet is a complex process. If you are experiencing playback issues, we recommend taking the following steps to troubleshoot:

1) Reset your connected device
2) Reset your cable modem. We recommend unplugging the power for at least 30 seconds
3) If applicable, reset your router, unplugging for 30 seconds
4) Test video playback

If at this point you are still experiencing playback issues, send us a note through our contact form. Please provide:

1) The make and model of the device you’re using
2) The name of your broadband service provider
3) Details on your home internet setup (wired or wireless)
4) Your current home internet speed. You can test this by using a device connected to your wireless network and visiting www.speedtest.net

There are many reasons why there could be an audio issue with a particular film. In order for us to troubleshoot, please fill out the form below with the following info:

1) The make and model of the connected device you’re using
2) The make and model of any special audio equipment (home theater, etc.) you may have
3) The name of the film you were watching
4) A description of the issue – e.g “no sound plays in the middle” or “there is no audio in the movie.”

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We’d love to hear from you. For less urgent questions, complete the form, provide a brief description of your request, and a Docurama Professional will follow up shortly.